Friday, September 16, 2011

Lost and Found: Ocean Grove Town Wide Fleamarket

I'm always on the lookout for a great flea market, and I found one last weekend in Ocean Grove, NJ. Ocean Grove is a beautiful Victorian town right on the Atlantic ocean. As soon as I drove in to town I knew I found a place that I was going to fall in love with. On any normal day Ocean Grove is a lively town filled with small eclectic shops, quaint restaurants and adorable coffee houses. Add a giant flea market/garage sale to it that occurs twice a year and you have heaven on earth!

As this was my first time in Ocean Grove for the flea market I wasn't really sure where the best place to start would be. Although lots of home owners have their own tables set up the heart of the market is in the center of town on an open grassy area located right in back of a large structure known as the Great Auditorium. I was planning on taking a bunch of great pics that day but realized way to late that my memory card was left home in my laptop.

I did manage to snap a few pics of my fines later that day when I got home;

I had my eye on this vase for quite a while and kept coming back to it. I wasn't too happy about the price, as I like to find things at basement bargain prices--but after I managed to talk the seller down a few bucks I gave in and splurged. I love the lines of this vase, obviously from the 40's era and the color--a pale coral--everything about it is just so lovely. Possibly it's a McCoy but it only reads USA on the bottom--most likely though, if it read McCoy on the bottom the price would have been substantially higher.

I also fell in love with this little pumpkin--hand cut from sheet metal and hand painted to look like those lovable vintage die cut pumpkins and paper mache treat holders. This is going to make a great addition to my Halloween decor!

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